Welcome to my homepage

My name is Anders Bjerg Pedersen, I'm 41 years old and have a master's degree in computer science from the University of Copenhagen. I live in a flat on Nørrebro in Copenhagen together with my wife Susanne and our two children Esther and Kaj.

I work as a Department Manager with Bankdata in Silkeborg, managing three Scrum teams (24 employees) as well as handling various technical, methodical, and customer-orientes responsibilities. Bankdata handles all aspects of business IT for 9 small and medium-sized Danish banks, and my division deals with loans and financing for both private and business segments.

This website is to be seen primarily as a hobby project but eventually it has filled up with content, including a lot of pictures, my resume, a lot of information about myself, as well as an experimental blog. And (not to be forgotten) my wishlist (in case anyone should be as kind as to wanting to buy me presents...). You can also find a large selection og papers, projects, and assignments from y times of studying under Studies.

So welcome to my small world, and remember to hold someone's hand when moving around inside it! :-)

Latest news

The site is undergoing a major overhaul and redesign og now appears in fashionable orange colours :-)

black man

The picture gallery has been rewritten from scratch and now has more features and a more "tight" backbone. Bear with me, as I iron out the last kinks and missing details on the site...